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Special purpose range
1-Will be used for training purposes or Groups With permission of the board to use.
2-Be use so we do not clog up the pistol pit.
3-must be RSO Certified in firearm safety and in range procedure and approved by the board...
4-Availability is on a first-come request and approval by the board.
5-if you already set up with the board and have permission to train at the range notify Ralph Garcia to put you on the schedule..

We would love your input and help to make this facility a safe and a Great  place to shoot.

To reserve special-purpose range or any questions contact Ralph Garcia at  559-469-7692

Reserve dates on the books

Instructor M Lopez: :::::::Sat April 4

Instructor Jeremy:::::

Garcia's firearm training:::::: Sat March 23 Steel shootout, Sat April 20 CCW

Instructor Russ.....

Coalinga PD::::::::

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